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Bryce Pre-Op Update

We are here at Riley. Brielle is safe and sound with family in Muncie. Bryce has had his echocardiogram, his blood drawn, blood oxygen reading, x-rays, and they are trying to get his pee. I thought I could help him out and fill his bag, but that may be a little bit obvious, a bag full…

Next is his physical, lab results, interview with the surgeon, who is still in surgery, and the anesthesiologist. All has gone well so far. Drawing blood was a little tough, but he stopped crying as soon as it was done. I tried uploading pics to facebook, but so far, their mobile uploads is down! I can’t even get them to my email account. They are of Bryce on his little bed. He’s been really good, crying during the procedures, but laughing, yelling, and rolling around otherwise, even with a crummy nap. He seems to be doing great. The worst part was that we parked in the wrong parking garage on the campus, and had to walk from the IU hospital through a bunch of skyways to get to Riley’s. If that’s the worst thing that happens, praise God. They have a McDonald’s here in the hospital, AWESOME! I will be going on Lipitor when I get back, thanks to all the fast food I’m probably going to eat. We are all in good spirits, but a bit tired. Keep praying, it’s working!

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