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The Big Day- Last Update For Today

April 17, 2008 7 comments

8:00 PM: Bryce is doing well.  He is cranky when he wakes up, which is exactly what we were told to expect.  When mom asked the nurse what we can be praying for, she said rest.  He is off of his little blood machine that kept feeding blood in to replace what was draining.  He had these little splints on his arms so he cannot bend his wrists and arms and mess up his IV lines.  When he tries rubbing his eyes, they get in the way.  So that seems to be bugging him a bit.  Lael and I are getting showers now, and are ready to crash for the night.  What a day!  Seems like more than 15 hours.  Praise God for doctors, and facilities like this.  Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.  We will keep you all posted daily about his recovery, when he will be moved from ICU into the heart recovery room, and when we will be discharged and coming home.  Thank you all again, but most of all, thank you Lord!

5:00 PM: We got into the Ronald McDonald house tonight, so we have showers and a room all to ourselves. We won’t have to travel to the hotel tonight, which is nice. We’re exhausted! It’s a very cool setup. We have a private room, and free food, even for family members. A nice outdoors courtyard, and laundry facilities, if we need them. It’s available to all inpatient families for free, but the rooms are on a more restrictive basis, there are only six. It’s great that we got in. Bryce is still doing well, still sleeping. His legs are starting to swell a bit, not surprising, but funny because he’s on an incline, so that’s the first part that’s getting swollen. His breathing seems slower than usual, not sure if this is because he’s sedated, or because his lungs are finally getting the correct amount of oxygenated blood. In the future, he’ll be off the medication that he’s been taking all his life. Yeehaw! We are in good spirits.

3:00 PM: We have been able to see Bryce! He looks good. He will be a little swollen once the fluids and medicine get into him, but everything has gone great! We didn’t know, but when Dr. Brown talked to us, there was still about an hour of work on Bryce in the operating room, so everything has been right on schedule. He has a lot of tubes in him, all important, and they are monitoring his blood pressure, respires (breathing), etc. He is sedated as soon as he stirs and makes noise, so he’ll be sleeping probably all night and most of tomorrow. His poor mouth is dry, but other than that, he looks great. Still has his voice, we started to whine and talk a bit while we were in there. All glory to God for a great surgery and so far a good recovery! This will probably be one of the last posts today. Thanks to all of you for your comments, prayers, and emails. They mean more to us than we can relay to you all. The next step will be to get him into the more comfortable room in a day or two.

1:57 PM: Just talked to a social worker that said that it’s probably going to be another hour until we get to see him, no reason why, but she doesn’t know of any problems at this point.

1:50 PM: Still waiting to see Bryce. All we know at this point is that he’s been assigned a room in the ICU, which would have been done anyway. Not sure what is taking so long, they may be waiting for the right time to take out his ventilator tube. Continue to pray that all is well…

1:06 PM: Still waiting in the ICU area for Bryce. In the meantime, we have posted the pictures we’ve had taken so far. They are here. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

12:00 PM: Praise God! Dr. Brown said everything went exactly to plan, he was very pleased. The hole was about the size of a dime, larger than they expected. Part of the aortic valve was actually pulled into the hole, and so it had filled in part of the hole. VERY cool thing, who knows what would have happened with a hole that big, if it wasn’t there. His heart is the size of his fist, a dime hole is big! They used part of his paracardium (heart sac) for the patch, that’s good. He had some muscle bundles that they divided in the right ventricular area. No pacemaker was required, it is beating great. He has a TRACE of aortic leakage, in the valve, but this will not be a big deal, and shouldn’t ever require a valve replacement. We will be back here in a month for a follow up. We haven’t seen him yet, probably another 1-2 hours, more update then when we see him. He’s going to look a bit different due to the anesthesia, probably swollen. Anyway, AWESOME!!! Thank you all, and thank you God. More soon!

11:45 AM: We were just called to go down and see the surgeon.

11:05 AM: The nurse was just here for our latest update. They are doing the repair, everything is still going well. She expects to see us one more time, then after that, Dr. Brown will call up here when it’s done, we will go downstairs, and he’ll give us the latest update/synopsis. After that, there will probably be another 1-2 hour wait while Bryce comes out of anesthesia in ICU before we can see him. Right now, the biggest issue would be getting the patch sewn in without any nerve damage. The doctor said they may be able to take some heart tissue, treat it with chemicals to toughen it, and use that as a patch. If there is enough tissue to take from. Pretty cool stuff!

10:10 AM: Latest news: We’re bored, some are sleeping, others eating, and I’m on the laptop. The nurse is on her way over here right now. She’s one family away…turning….and walking toward us. He’s doing great! Getting ready to hook him up to the bypass machine. Must mean they got to the heart okay! Praise God!

9:15 AM: The nurse just updated us. Bryce is doing great. He went to sleep with the gas mask just fine, his IVs and central lines were all placed without a problem, and they made the incision about 8:50 AM. She will be back in about an hour! The next hour will probably (I’m speculating here) include doing whatever they need to do to get through the ribs, move the lungs, access the heart, hook him up to the bypass machine, stop the heart, and then do the repair. I don’t know how long all that takes, which is why I’m not a doctor. 🙂

8:00 AM: I won in the glass elevator race with Lael. 🙂 I opened up the bible to read a little bit, I thought, “I’ll read some Psalms”. So I randomly opened the book, to Psalm 23! God has a sense of humor. I can imagine Bryce praying it. Anyway, that just struck me as cool. It’s very appropriate for right now.

7:37 AM: A nurse just came and picked up Bryce to take him to surgery. We’re now in the waiting area, where a nurse will give us hourly updates. There was a family in the room next to us praying for their son, carrying their bibles with them, and I could see the tears in his father’s eyes. It’s difficult giving up your son to strangers to do such an invasive procedure, but the pain I’m feeling is nothing compared to what I’m certain God felt giving up His Son. The book of James talks about trials and sufferings, and we take joy in these trials and sufferings, because in them and through them we are strengthened, because “the testing of your faith develops perseverance”.

6:43 AM: He just had his blood pressure, weight, length, blood ox, and pulse done. Whatta little trooper. We kept him calm by letting him type on the laptop, which is something we don’t allow him to do anymore, ever since he popped off the “UP” key. He’s smiling and being a really good boy right now. They will come to take him anytime.

6:15 AM: We are in the waiting area for day surgery. We will be here for about an hour, then he will be taken for surgery. We are doing okay. I ate dinner at about 9:00 last night, and got up at 5, so UGH, I feel blah, but that’s a minor annoyance more than anything. Lael didn’t get much sleep, neither did I, but that may be a blessing, it’ll keep us calm. Haha

We have a peace. We prayed over him this morning, really cool. It’s difficult looking at him and knowing he won’t be the same little boy for awhile, but this is all for the best, it’s necessary, and it’s to God’s glory and the wonder of creation and the knowledge and wisdom to do stuff like this. We’re so thankful we live in the times we do. It’s the weirdest thing, we know it’s all in God’s hands, but we still greive for him. It’s time to spend some more time with the little guy.