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Bryce- Recovery Day One- 9:20 PM

April 18, 2008 3 comments

9:20 PM: Bryce peed on his own.  Yay!  Still no #2, and his belly is really big.  He’s had a rectal and an oral laxative, so hopefully soon.  Our friends are here to visit, we’re having a good time just showing off our little guy.  He had a BIG smile when they came in, and is acting much more normal now.  The drugs seem to be wearing off.

6:30 PM: I’m going to upload a couple of post-op pictures, but these are of him sitting up, so they don’t look so weird. He just ate, still no poo or pee on his own. Prayer request for that. I think he’s uncomfortable because of that. He’s been a bit whiny since he woke up last, but a bit of morphine has helped. They are stretching that out further, which is good.

5:40 PM: We are in the last room of his stay. It has it’s own bathroom, shower, cupboards, TV, etc. MUCH nicer than the ICU, and we can sleep here if we have to. We have been approved for another night in the Ronald McDonald room, so we can drop down there to sleep if we’d like. He’s sleeping again, and when he wakes up, he doesn’t cry. It’s so much quieter in this room.

5:00 PM: We were just told we got his room! We will hopefully be moving up soon, within half an hour we hope. Bryce just slept for forty-five minutes to an hour, he’s up now, but not cranky. What a difference from yesterday!

3:30 PM: Still no room. Bryce is sitting up and has been awake for the longest period so far. He’s not whining much, and has even cracked a few small smiles. Hopefully he’ll pee soon, or they will have to re-catheterize him. They say sometimes it burns to pee after it’s taken out, so they pee a little, and then hold it. I guess I would too. He hasn’t pooped yet either, which isn’t a surprise, but he hadn’t for a few days before the surgery, so he’s probably ready to let loose. Haha, we don’t have to change the diapers. He still looks puffy and groggy, but is more aware and awake than ever. A little over 24 hours since surgery, and he’s sitting up and not fussing! Awesome.

1:44 PM: Had a good lunch outdoors, it’s absolutely beautiful outside. We bought Bryce a toy, and he just got done swatting and playing with it. That was really encouraging to see. Even on all the drugs, he played!! How cute… Still no word on the room, it’ll be an hour after we hear that the room opened up to get him up there.

11:20 AM: Felt an aftershock here. Weird. Very light movement, it wasn’t just us, the nurses felt it too. Officially an aftershock per the website. Probably somewhere around 4.5 mag. Sounds like they are turning the water off in the outpatient section of the hospital for an hour. We heard a hospital wide page about it.

11:00 AM: Just received an update from our nurse. They are continuing to lower his sedative, so he should be a bit more alert as the day goes on. The morphine will only be administered every three hours. Possibly some tylenol with codeine as needed for pain. He’s not on any fluid restrictions, so feeding him as needed is allowed. They put an order for his transfer, so it’s official. Just waiting for another kid to be discharged.

10:40 AM: Bryce just ate seven ounces of milk. VERY quickly I might add. He’s zonked out right now. He was babbling (in a whiny voice) for awhile. Sounded a bit slurred, no surprise there. It’s very peaceful in our room, the classical music is soothing. Dad and mom are here, Dad and I are in the room on the laptops, and mom and Lael are upstairs, Lael is milkin’ it up. It’s just a waiting game right now. Boring. But boring is good! Praise God for boring.

Psalm 40:5

Many, O LORD my God,
are the wonders you have done.
The things you planned for us
no one can recount to you;
were I to speak and tell of them,
they would be too many to declare.

9:30 AM: Bryce just had his incision dressing off, and his catheter taken out. They took his drainage tubes off the vaccuum, and they are just on a small hand bulb vacuum now. He was given a little morphine during the dressing procedure to keep him calm. He’ll be fed soon, when he starts coming to a bit more. Dr. Brown signed off on him, all of his stats look very good. He will be moving upstairs hopefully this afternoon then! There is a patient in his room, so we have to wait for that child to be discharged. He is still drowsy, but can look around at people. It was great when he first looked into my eyes.

Mom and Dad did feel the earthquake, as did Dr. Brown. It woke them all up.

8:30 AM: Just got back from visiting Bryce. He looks well. He took some pedialyte this morning, so they are going to give him milk at his next feeding. He is off of morphine, and they are lowering some of his meds, hopefully he will be able to transfer to the recovery room this evening. They have some nice classical music playing, he has his pacifier, and looks very peaceful. He didn’t stir at all when we were in there, and the nurse was working on him. They said he would calm right down while eating, so that’s great.

And no, we didn’t feel the earthquake! Slept right through it. Mom and Dad are staying in a high-rise hotel in Indy here, so they may have woken up, but I haven’t talked to them yet. A buddy of mine in Elkhart and his wife woke up from it!

7:30 AM: We just woke up about 30 minutes ago. We slept so well in this room. It was quiet, and dark. We are going up to see Bryce shortly. He has been sedated constantly since the surgery, as soon as he’s up and starts to cry or wiggle, they get him comfortable so that he rests. He’s a really good roller, so a few times while we were with him he tried to roll over, hard to do with all the tubes attached! Plus, that messes up his little oxygen line that goes into his nose. I’m glad they keep him sleeping. It must be very strange to wake up in that room, hooked up to all that machinery, and not know why, or be able to process it like an adult. Our problem is that we can’t do much in the room right now with him, because of noise and light. They keep the room dark. As he’s able to stay awake more, it will be easier to spend time with him. All is going well. We will be seeing new visitors today, we’re looking forward to that. Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday we’ll be able to see Brielle! We miss her.