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Bryce- Recovery Day Two- 8:00 PM

8:00 PM: Bryce is still doing great.  He isn’t eating much, but then again, he isn’t doing much either.  He seems to be in good spirits.  We can get him to smile and laugh.  Takes more trying than usual, but that’s to be expected.  He is moving a lot more, and was messing with his arterial line, so it started to bleed a bit, so now he is wearing a “No-No” on  his left arm.  It’s a little velcro cover, (think soft cast) that covers his arm from right above the elbow to over his hand, so he can’t grab the lines running into his arm.  He puts his left arm up in the air, looking at us, as if to say “Hey, look at this!  Take it off!  Please??  What’s the deal?”.  Pitiful.  He also is starting to itch at his incision with his thumb, which is great.  Must be healing up well!  Lael and our friend Jenny got to get out for a bit this afternoon and went shopping for kids clothes.  Then Chad (our friend and Jenny’s hubby), me, mom, and dad went out to dinner at Weber Grill.  It was nice to get out.  I wasn’t hungry going into the restaurant.  McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch will do that to a person, but I ate a whole meal at the restaurant.  It was nice to get out for awhile, but I caught myself really wanting to get back to see how Bryce was doing.  I missed all the bleeding and “No-No” stuff.  I also called and talked to Brielle for about 20 seconds at the restaurant.  She wasn’t very interested.  It rained here today, and finally dried up this afternoon, so she was in the process of going outside to play.  It was nice to talk to her, but I miss her a lot.  We didn’t get the Ronald McDonald room tonight.  It’s not a surprise, since Bryce is out of ICU, so we’re sleeping in the room.  His pain medication is down to regular Tylenol, and he doesn’t seem to be in any pain, so he’s off the big painkillers in less than 55 hours since the surgery. WOW.  The way these little kids heal is amazing, and in itself is a testament to our awesome and powerful Creator.  Just looking at the information that is being pulled from these little sensors is cool.  The pressure in the heart, which needs to be just right.  His heartbeat has to be in a certain range.  His blood pressure, breathing rate, all these things must work together for us to live.  How cool is that?

2:30 PM: Not much going on at this point. He’s eaten now, not a lot, but some. A little more poo, he’s been peeing well, so things are going great. The X-ray taken this morning looked great, according to the doctors doing their rounds. They are just watching his stats, making sure he’s stable, and lowering drugs as needed. He was up quite a bit this morning, so he’s been sleeping for awhile now. Dave, Joan and Sheldon left to go back to Ohio, and some friends of ours were here for lunch, it was great to see them. We put in for the McDonald room again tonight. We tried sleeping on the futon together around 7:00 this morning. It worked OK, but could have been MUCH better. We were really cramped. So it’s my watch tonight, and hopefully Lael will be able to sleep on the Sleep Number bed downstairs. 🙂

8:30 AM: Bryce did very well during his last bit of checking up with the new nurse. We have a guy nurse now, and Bryce just stared at him the whole time. I wonder if having a male nurse helped him at all…it was the best checkup so far. He’s just laying in bed right now, looking around, talking now and then, no pacifier, and watching TV off and on. Just hanging out. Such a good boy. Still hasn’t eaten or pooped more, but he isn’t fussy, we’re going to try to feed him again shortly. Never mind, Lael just tried, and he shook his head “no”. He does that now, it’s very cute. We have more friends visiting this morning, so we’re looking forward to that. Dave and Joan, Lael’s parents, and her brother, Sheldon, are leaving this afternoon, so they will be visiting today as well. We hope that Brielle continues to do well in Muncie, even after Dave and Joan leave. We expect she’ll do great. We’re so thankful to Kevin and Sharon (and Clarence and Miriam) for watching her. We miss her very much, but she’s in great hands.

6:45 AM: Bryce pooped early this morning, a little bit, about 2:00. That’s a good thing. He hasn’t eaten since 6 o’clock last night, not a good thing. He isn’t fussy, he’s acting fairly normal. He did throw up his Tylenol this morning, probably because it was on an empty stomach, so we need him to eat. Right now, it’s just laying in bed, moving around a bit, sucking on his pacifier. He had a routine chest x-ray about fifteen minutes ago. The biggest prayer request now would be that he eats well, and continues to poo. He had a great night sleepwise, so thank you Lord for that.

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