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Bryce- Recovery Day Five- 8:15 PM

8:15 PM: We just talked to a nurse, and we’ll probably leave tomorrow afternoon.  We’ll jump over to Muncie, pick up Brielle, see the family, probably eat, and then head home.  I have a lot of unpacking to do, then back to work.  We can’t wait to see Brielle!  Hopefully she’ll be happy to see us, and won’t have any separation anxiety from leaving her “new home”.

7:00 PM: Dr. Brown just came in. The plan is to leave tomorrow, unless something comes up tonight. YES!!

4:00 PM: The bath went well, and we got to take Bryce around the unit in his stroller. He looked very happy. They have a little mobile transmitter so they can still track his stats. We’re getting closer to being able to leave. Still no specifics, but it should definitely be sometime tomorrow.

3:00 PM: Here is a fresh picture of Bryce. Click on it to enlarge it. He’s looking great! We’re about to give him his first bath in almost a week. He smells like hospital.

12:45 PM: The chest tubes are out! After a little morphine, they just YANKED them out. There was probably a foot of tubing per side in his chest. I was shocked. So from here, it’s just looking at vitals every once in awhile, and hopefully a discharge within 24 hours!

11:30 AM: Great news! Bryce just had his pacer wires (wires run into his heart in case they need to pace his heart electrically) taken out, which mean within an hour he will have his chest tubes removed! YES! Then we can put him in a stroller and push him around the unit. He’ll have a little remote monitoring device, but we’ll be able to get him mobile. So hopefully we’ll be on our way home tomorrow afternoon! I’ll let you know when they pull his tubes.

10:15 AM: We just saw on TV there was a bank robbery here in Indy that’s hitting national news. Apparently a teller pregnant with twins was shot and taken to Methodist hospital. Very sad. Hopefully she will be okay.

The Pennsylvania Democratic primary is today. Here is my prediction: Someone will get more votes than the other person. They’ll both still be in the race tomorrow. Typically, I’m 100% accurate with my predictions.

The sale of existing homes dropped last month, down 2% from February. The media home price dropped from 217,400 a year ago to 200,700 this year. This was the biggest year-over-year price drop on record. I am glad we live in northern Indiana where homes are reasonably priced.

Sooooo…there’s all the new news. Nothing yet on Bryce. Still waiting for those chest tubes to come out! If it’s 24 hours from the time they come out, we’re getting to the point now that we may not make it home until Thursday, which will make for a LONG day, since I’ll have to go into work. So please pray that we can leave tomorrow. We have a long drive home.

9:00 AM: This is a quick list of what the grades of heart murmurs mean. Bryce had a grade four.

Gradations of Murmurs

Gradations of Murmurs[1]
Grade Description
Grade 1 Very faint, heard only after listener has “tuned in”; may not be heard in all positions.
Grade 2 Quiet, but heard immediately after placing the stethoscope on the chest.
Grade 3 Moderately loud.
Grade 4 Loud, with palpable thrill (ie, a tremor or vibration felt on palpation)[1]
Grade 5 Very loud, with thrill. May be heard when stethoscope is partly off the chest.
Grade 6 Very loud, with thrill. May be heard with stethoscope entirely off the chest.

7:45 AM: This is a bird’s-eye view of where we’ve been living for almost a week. I couldn’t get the whole campus or building on the satellite view, but this is where we’re at. There are old parts and new parts of the hospital that have been architecturally merged. It’s a very cool building. You can click the map, and then drag it around to look at the campus.

Map image

One of the biggest complaints I have about being here is…the toilet paper. We are in a multi-million dollar facility spending tens of thousands of dollars and we’re using 20 grit 1/4 ply toilet paper purchased at Sam’s Club in boxes of 100 for 5 bucks, no doubt. A minor annoyance….

Bryce is still doing well. No more information to share at this time, hopefully when the doctors do their rounds we’ll have a better update.

  1. Tim Stutsman
    April 22, 2008 at 2:29 pm

    WOO HOO! God is sooooooo good!! I am glad to hear that you will be able to go home soon. God Bless you and may He grant you a quick return home!!

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