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Internet, Where Art Thou??

Our Internet has been down here at the house for about nine hours.  Thankfully, I’m using Windows Live Writer right now, which allows me to write offline blog posts, then dump them into WordPress when I am reconnected.  I think Lael has a slight eye twitch now.  She’s going through withdrawal already.  SBC says it’s a South Bend and surrounding issue problem, and should be resolved at 6:30 PM, no wait, 10:30 PM, oh it’s 10:30 PM, no Internet, let me call again….2:30 AM!  It’s been changing.  Who knows, maybe we’ll be out for days.  At least we have a different provider where I work, and I can get on the Internet over my cell phone.  If it wasn’t for email, I could do without the ‘net for a few days.

Bryce is doing great today.  Smiling, sleeping well, and eating well.  You Brycewouldn’t even know that a week ago today he had surgery.  Other than the incision area, and some bandage adhesive that just won’t come off him, he looks like a perfectly normal, albeit uncommonly handsome, baby.  Many a nurse said he was a cute baby, and they should know, they see a lot of them.  They wouldn’t lie to a 7-month old, right?  I mean, c’mon, look at this kid!!

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