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New Blog Feature…Allow Me to Explain

WordPress has added a new feature to blogs this evening. At the end of most of my posts, you will find a “possibly related posts” section, if you are viewing just one post, rather than my whole site. The bold links at the top of that section link to posts that I have written. The non-bold links below them link to blogs that are not mine, and that I have no control over. So peruse them at your own risk. This is a great feature for people that may be interested in a certain topic that I may write about a lot, for example, Swedish unicycle speak no evilriders and their addiction to Snicker’s bars. If I have a post about that, then in that new section there may be a link to a post I did a month ago, also relating to Swedish unicycle riders, but their addiction to Ragtime music, rather than Snicker’s bars. You get my drift… If you find that the links are referencing inappropriate sites, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I have the power to turn this feature off. Here is a picture of a monkey, trying not to be inappropriate. Such things are funny to me late at night. Silly monkey.

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