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Adventures in Buying Other People’s Junk

Sooo, everyone left here about 7:30 this morning to go to garage sales.  I didn’t get up until closer to 8, so I got ready and left.  Apparently there are 4 big subdivisions with sales today, so I went to the first one where Lael, the kids, her mom and aunt, my sister and her family, friends of ours and their family were there.  There were people selling food there, sheriffs directing traffic, port-a-pit chicken, and LOTS OF WIND AND COLD TEMPERATURES.  I walked around in a huge loop through the subdivision looking for everyone.  Half an hour later, at least, I found everyone.  They were all within 200 yards of my car, where I had started from.  Not a good start to the day, but I was in good spirits.  I carried Brielle around for awhile, and at one point, I had Brielle on one arm, and Tyler on my other.  It was a great workout.  It wasn’t a wasted trip though.  We found an Eddie Bauer double stroller for a great deal.  At least half of what it would have been new.  So now I’m home, tired, the kids are asleep, and Lael, her mom, and aunt are all at another subdivision, in the cold and windy weather.  It’s like a disease I guess….

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