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Quick Update on Bryce

April 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Bryce rolled over today all the way onto his tummy for the first time since his surgery. He could roll around a room before the operation, but since, when he gets onto his side and his shoulder, he would roll back over. This is a great step toward getting his mobility back to what it was. His bandage strips are starting to come off. Some have fallen off, some have been pulled off by him. His incision looks very good. Pink and clean, not scabby and gross like I thought it would. He’s been back to eating normal again. Baby food, cheerios, rice cereal, and milk. I’m feeling like he’s back to normal, and we haven’t even been home a week.

It was nice to be back to church this morning. Lael and I went, and Joan (Lael’s mom) and Barbara (Lael’s aunt) were kind enough to watch the kids so we wouldn’t expose them to any sick kids. Today should be the last day we have to quarantine the kids anymore. YES! We had to be really careful with them since we found out about Bryce, so it’s very freeing to not have to keep them away from other kids now. We had a little family get together tonight at my parent’s home. Brielle LOVED the little swing on the apple tree. She would ask me to push high, pockets off (I needed to take my hands out of my pockets and push her), faster, etc. She is starting to talk a LOT more, and even make short sentences. Like she just said 20 seconds ago to grandma, “No more diaper, no thank you!” Actually, it’s more like , “No more deepa!! No gank you!! ” Ah yes, the joys of bedtime. She’s asking to go “polly” now, she’s learning to stall. How’s this for a real-time play by play! I need to go…Bryce needs his meds.

I decided to look at some old pictures of Brielle and Bryce we have on Flickr.  Here are some older pics.

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