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Brielle is Hilarious

Brielle wouldn’t eat her tomato tonight. It was a small piece of tomato, about the size of my thumbnail. It was funny, she had a huge meltdown, but we stuck to our guns. She FINALLY ate it. She ate it after Lael and Lael’s sister Jessica made it more interesting and fun (plus there was a cookie as a reward). The funny thing was that after she ate it, she ate her cookie, more of her taco, and then MORE tomatoes! What’s up with that???? One little tomato was the end of the world, then she ate more and more. Kids are hilarious.

Then she got ice cream for the first time from the ice cream truck that comes through our neighborhood all the time. I was a little weirded out. 🙂 She loved it though. She picked out a Spongebob popsicle, and loved it. It was worth the 2 bucks.

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