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I Never Thought It Would Happen…I’m Now A Vista User

Thanks to Toshiba and their 3-1/2 year lifespan Hitachi laptop hard drives, we are now the owners of a new laptop with Windows Vista installed. This is the 2nd computer I have ever purchased that I haven’t built from scratch. The first was the Toshiba lappy, and now this Dell. I’m a little apprehensive. Is a three year lifespan on laptop parts standard? It had better not be. Although we paid about 25% less for this one than the Toshiba, and obviously have more bells and whistles, but I’m going to try to fix the Toshiba still, it’s a powerhouse, even three years later. Plus, we just put in a new battery and expanded the ram.

The Dell runs Vista, which I have not been impressed with lately. I used it a few times, and ran it on one of my PCs for a few months, upon its release. I didn’t like it. I still don’t think it’s as snappy and responsive as Windows XP, however, it works. All of my old applications work on it, which was a worry. There are a few things I like. The search bar in the start menu. I couldn’t find a utility I wanted to run, so I just typed its name into the search field, and there was a list, and the app I needed. Simple, yet powerful. I like the sidebar. It doesn’t hammer the ram usage on here like it did on the other computers I used it on. I won’t use it much though, I like having my windows full size on the screen, which makes the sidebar a little useless, and it does take up a bit too much space when docked. I thought there was a way to hide it, but I can’t find it. I like the eye candy, but I don’t use it much. Oh well, at least it runs okay.

So there you have it. I’m now a statistic. I’m not terribly impressed by Vista, but it works. For now.