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I received an email today with pictures from the Myanmar cyclone disaster.  Pictures that you can’t and won’t see in the press.  Very saddening, and very disturbing.  That a “government” could allow such unnecessary suffering to occur when the world is waiting at its door to help is sickening.  There is a huge amount of cleanup that needs to be done, and hopefully the military will come to its senses and get things taken care of quickly.  I won’t post the pictures here.  I thought about it, and I don’t want kids to have access…

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Political Joke

Senators John McCain, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama were in an airplane flying to a debate.

John McCain decided to break the tension.  “You know what?  I could drop a 1,000 dollar bill out of this plane and make one person very happy.”

Hillary Clinton, not to be one upped by John, spoke next.  “Well, I could drop ten 100 dollar bills and make ten people very happy!”

Obama, smug as ever, piped up.  “That’s nothing!  I could drop one thousand 1 dollar bills out the window and make 1,000 people happy!”

The pilot, fed up with their little competition, decided to say something.

“Guys, I could put this plane into the side of a mountain and make 365 million people very happy…”