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Designer Babies are Here

June 28, 2008 1 comment

Apparently this woman decided to screen her embryos for an inherited gene that COULD lead to breast cancer.  The reporter says the baby is guaranteed to be breast cancer free, however, I find that VERY inaccurate.  Based on the article itself, the gene accounts for 5% of the 44,000 cases of breast cancer each year in Britain, so how can this “guarantee” a cancer free baby?  It can’t, and in the process, embryos three days old were destroyed.  I find this disturbing, and sickening.  To destroy embryos because you are afraid your child MAY develop breast cancer, a treatable disease, with still only a small chance of ever showing up, is reprehensible.  The mother stated how hard it was to see her sister-in-law go through cancer, and I understand that.  I’ve seen the affects of terminal cancer, it’s horrible, however, to pick and choose embryos to minimize the chance of cancer doesn’t do anything but cost money, pull resources from more important research, destroy life, and begin the path down a slippery slope to creating “designer” babies.  Where does it end?

Yes, I’ll take a large fry, two cheesburgers, and a baby; male, blond hair, blue eyes, 6 foot 1 inches tall, without any defects…

Thanks, but no thanks.  I’ll leave the creation of babies to God.  Our son was born with a heart defect that required open heart surgery, and I would NEVER wish for another son to replace him.  I would rather go through the pain of what we went through again, than give him up for another son without any defects.  Bryce’s scars are going to be part of his story, and it’s made us stronger as a family.

Russian Bar Trio- America’s Got Talent- WOW!!

Very cool performance, very dangerous, very difficult, very awesome.

Wall-E Video

I’m really looking forward to figuring a way to get into a theater (it’s been awhile) to see the upcoming Pixar/Disney movie Wall-E.  I love technology, animation, and sci-fi, so this “kids” movie looks pretty cool.  Here is the latest (I think) video, showing some of the characters from the movie.  The animators did a very good job making machine act human.  Their emotions really are amazing….

Double Rainbow Pictures, plus one blurry one with lightning…

June 22, 2008 1 comment

You know those times when a storm has just blown through, and there is a double rainbow at 9:15 at night, with lightning in the background, and you really want to get a sweet picture, and finally, you time it right, but the exposure isn’t set right, and so the shutter stays open too long, plus you’re so excited you probably didn’t hold the camera still, so the picture is blurry?

Yeah, me too…

Bryce Can Crawl Now!

Bryce learned to crawl today, forward.  He’s been able to go backwards for a few weeks, but today, out of the blue, he figured out how to go the other direction.  Big day!

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200 Dollar Burger King Burger!

June 18, 2008 1 comment

Wow, check this burger out.  It’s 200 American dollars, only sold in Britain, and is made of Japanese Wagyu (aka Kobe) beef, Italian truffles, champagne onions, aged balsamic vinaigrette, and a little bit o’ love.  Who makes it?  Burger King!!  Cost of ingredients is estimated at 80 dollars, and the profits are being donated to charity.  MMMMM….burgerlicious.

Video and article are found at the link below.

FireFox 3 Download Delayed…Servers Down (UP NOW…LINK POSTED)

June 17, 2008 1 comment

Well, the big day is here, but the download site(s) are down. Capacity issues?

My question, where are all the mirrors? Can’t they track downloads from the mirror sites for their download total for the Guinness Record?

[UPDATE: It’s up and down. I have a 3.0 download running, but it’s SLOW, and actually stopped a 1/7th of the way through. Now I have to start over. The site showed the 2.0 version for awhile…finally popped up with 3.0, so I grabbed the link. I don’t know if this will work or not!〈=en-US

Good luck!]

9 Million Downloads so far, check out the counter at

The Great Outdoors???

June 16, 2008 2 comments

So we got home tonight from spending some time with gampa and gammaw N and I was carrying Brielle into the house.  I glanced out the back door, and saw a big rabbit in the backyard.  Knowing that Brielle would love to see the rabbit, I carried her into the kitchen, only to see our neighbor walk into our backyard pumping a BB gun, placing the tip of the barrel only inches from the rabbit’s skull, and pulling the trigger.  Luckily, it took only about two seconds for my very confused brain to realize what I was seeing before the rabbit flew into the air about two feet, spasming on its way back down, so I was able to say “OH!”, and turn Brielle away from the window.  I dropped her in the living room, asked her to stay there, and proceeded to watch our neighbor put about three more BBs into the rabbit to finally “take it down”.  I think he saw me watching, even though I tried to make it look like I was busy in the kitchen.  I’ll have to ask him how Thumper tasted…

DeMotivational Posters

Ever seen those motivational posters that are up in businesses, schools, and places like that? Someone with a twisted sense of humor has come up with demotivational posters.

Here is the site:

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Global Warming? Not according to the founder of the Weather Channel!

The founder of the Weather Channel gave a great presentation to the San Diego Chamber of Commerce on his take on the Global Warming Scam, as he puts it. Powerful stuff, and all very well conveyed.  He even ties the fight against man made global warming to rising gas prices.  He’s an expert, and has done his research…