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Finally, Science Has Given Us Something Wonderful!

Sooooo, Lael, myself, and our two children were at Walmart tonight, feeding the giant maw of corporate America with our hard earned cash, and I saw a wonderful invention that I had to own. An automatic tummy rubber? No. A shoe slicer? Nope, not even close. A horse de-icer? Only in my dreams! No, it was a single serving mocha latte in a SELF-HEATING container! Finally, those million dollar grants to the International Consortium of Single Serving Beverage Purveyors have paid off!

In the morning I will take my $2.00 (I know…I know…it was my splurge item) mug of coffee, flip it over, take off the tamper resistant foil cover, press a small button for 10 seconds releasing green water into a package of quicklime, flip said mug back over, place on a heat proof surface, wait 5-8 minutes until a red spot on the mug turns white showing that the beverage is at optimum temperature, shake well, turn the cover 90 degrees, pop open the tab, and enjoy my hot mocha latte! Talk about convenient!

[UPDATE:  It worked!  It wasn’t mouth skin melting hot like our coffee maker, but it tasted good, and was ready in about 5 minutes.  I got it “brewing”, did some stuff, came back, and the spot was white, and it was good to go, for 2 bucks, it’s a little expensive, but for camping, long drives, quick fixes, etc., it’s MUCH cheaper than Starbucks, and cleaner and faster than brewing your own]