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Hmmm, is fun…

Photoshop is expensive, and since I have things to lose if I’m caught pirating software (and it’s stealing, duh), I’ve been using, the open source, FREE photo editing, creation tool. In about 5 minutes I made up a cool little pic using a few simple to use tools. Check out the software…good stuff! It’s not nearly as powerful as Photoshop, but definitely usable for photo editing.

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Song of the Day- Black Cat by Ladytron

June 10, 2008 1 comment

This is a brand new song by a group called Ladytron. They are a modern throwback to early 80’s synth rock. What I like about this song is that it’s sung in Bulgarian. The translation is pretty boring, but it’s such a different sound that I think it’s pretty original. Plus the Bulgarian has such a guttural and harsh sound to it, it really matches the heavy drum sounds.

Black Cat- Ladytron