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Vista is now on my naughty list…

July 30, 2008 3 comments

Well, our new laptop crashed.  I’m getting an error message that, according to the internet, will require me to do a complete reinstall.  It’s some weird logon error that won’t go away with system restores, etc.  I have a backup, but the problem is that it takes so long for me to get the software configured back to how we like it, with all the new programs, music, pictures, etc., that this is a HUGE pain in the butt.

I will never buy Vista.  This laptop is under three months old, and it crashed BIG TIME already.  I’m assuming it’s the software, and not Dell’s fault.  We’ll see if the factory restore works, if not, I’m getting it replaced.

Maybe I should buy a Mac….

[UPDATE: Well, I have the laptop running.  I had to do a complete reinstall of the operating system.  You know that backup I did?  It’s not restoring correctly!  I can’t access the data that is there.  I’ve even done a new, small backup, and that won’t restore either!  I’m scouring the internet for answers, so far, nothing.  Stupid Microsoft.  I followed the directions, the backups were working fine, I never had to restore anything, now, when I need it, it won’t work!  I’m getting an Access is Denied error, but only when accessing the network share that I’m supposed to.  The other shares just give me a standard No Backup Set is Found error.  <sigh>]

The Beginning of the End of Freedom?

I am probably making a mountain out of a molehill here, but what is up with L.A. (Lala land is right!) placing a moratorium on new fast food restaurants being built in poor areas?  They think this will allow for restaurants that offer healthier fare to move in, and therefore destroy the law of supply and demand, and lower obesity rates in these areas.  Here is the link.

I see a few problems with this, and will use McDonalds as my example of the evil that is fast food (according to the L.A. city council):

  • People will drive wherever they need to for McDonalds.
  • Healthier food typically costs more.  Think of the volume discounts that McDonalds has for their purchases, versus Healthy Bob’s Asparagus Shack.  The poor may not want it, nor pay more for it.
  • McDonalds offers healthy alternatives.  Who is keeping people from purchasing the healthy food?  THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!  It’s called FREEDOM of choice.
  • McDonalds does not directly contribute to obesity in poor people.  Eating too much of it and not exercising does.
  • Why does the City Council, and not the VOTERS decide on this?
  • Poor people in that area that has an above average obesity rate should stand up for their rights to eat food, and allow restaurants to move in.  Aren’t their desires and tastes being discriminated against (I say tongue-in-cheek).
  • I am not against healthy food, I feel bad about the amount of obesity in America.  However, I do NOT think this is the answer.  Higher insurance rates for the obese may be, I don’t know.  More discrimination there I suppose.  Better education?  Perhaps.  A healthy hamburger?  Bring it on!  Ham, by the way, not soy…well, beef…  Hmmm, why are Ham burgers made of beef and not ham???

Am I way off track here?

Summer Pics

Here are some pictures of the kids!

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Song of the Day- I Am by Markus Schulz

July 28, 2008 1 comment

Markus Schulz is one of my favorite DJs.  His music is high energy, and ebbs and flows quite well.  People that typically hate progressive dance music because of its repetitive nature may enjoy this.  Or you may just think, “wow, that’s music?”  Yes, yes it is.  It makes for good background music for driving, mowing, and definitely working out.

I Am- Markus Schulz

The Fair is Back in Town

I joked around tonight about having to budget a couple of hundred dollars a year for the Elkhart County 4-H fair.  It’s one of the largest in the nation, and we usually go a few times while it’s open for business.  We took the kids to watch the fair parade with my sister’s family.  Brielle and Bryce did really well.  They liked the tractors, and the horses.  They got tons of candy and a few balloons.

We also saw a couple of vehicles with some Amish looking people in them yelling about repenting and lukewarm people being spit out of God’s mouths.  They had signs on their cars about people that marry divorced women being adulterers, and that being rich is a sin.  Etc., etc.  Very judgmental passages without any context.

Being Christians ourselves, and having been raised reading, studying, and understanding the bible, we think we have a pretty good foundation to say that they weren’t being effective in their ministry to non-believers.  In fact, it made me uncomfortable, embarrassed, and angry!  The man was yelling so angrily and judgmentally, and they were dressed in the typical “religious” way, showing that they were very concerned about their outward appearance and taking being “not of this world” very seriously, and to the extreme.  Anyway, that was my highlight of the parade.  Righteous anger at a group of Christians doing more harm than good in showing God’s love.  There is a time and a place for calling people to repentance, I just don’t believe they did it correctly.

Anyhow, after the parade we went to the fair, and Brielle loved seeing all the animals.  We ate like pigs, and walked for hours.  We saw tons of people we knew, since our youth group meeting was canceled so the group could go to see Nicole C. Mullen, a Christian singer, perform in the free grandstand.  There was no admission today, so the place was packed, and probably 90 degrees on the asphalt.  We had a lot of fun though.  Brielle got to ride the Merry-Go-Round and Kiddie Train, boy, she was in heaven.  Bryce was very well behaved as well.

And we are exhausted.  Having fun is hard work when you have two little kids…but it’s totally worth it.

Definitely, DEFINITELY, Pregnant!

Pics or it didn’t happen, is that what you’re saying??

Well, here you go!  12 Weeks along.

Definitely pregnant!

Lael had her first visit with her doctor today. Everything went great. 166 beats per minute, Lael’s blood pressure is good. We have an ultrasound scheduled for Friday to check size, etc. Sorry for the short post. I’m on my phone and gotta drum tonight.

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Pictures from Vacation

A few are of the oreo feast of 2008.  You’ll know which ones.

My brother in law hit a hole in one while we were golfing.  NO KIDDING!

Click the pics to enlarge.

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Back From Vacation

Vacations are always too short.

This year, we stayed in Ohio with my wife’s family.  We had a great time fishing, eating, going to the zoo, eating, seeing fireworks, eating, and eating.  We did a lot more, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Brielle was so excited to see the fireworks, so we left her up way past her bedtime.  We arrived an hour and a half early, so we had to keep her occupied, and we did (Thank you DVD player in laptop).  She laid down for awhile, but was still really excited.  Finally it was dark, and they started.  She had on her headphones, and was holding her blankets.  Two seconds later, up goes the blanket over the eyes.  “Too bright!!”.  We thought the noise would bother her, not the brightness, but it did.  Funny thing was, she couldn’t stop talking about them afterwards, she had a great time!

The zoo was fun.  Perfect weather, and both children did great.  Brielle loved fishing, and stood outside with us in the rain for at least thirty minutes.  She was able to touch a fish, hold a minnow, and hold the fishing pole.   That day the fishing was poor, but the other few times we went out, we did well.  Posted is a picture of a 3.3 LB 19″ bass I caught the other day.

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