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Back From Vacation

Vacations are always too short.

This year, we stayed in Ohio with my wife’s family.  We had a great time fishing, eating, going to the zoo, eating, seeing fireworks, eating, and eating.  We did a lot more, but I won’t bore you with the details.

Brielle was so excited to see the fireworks, so we left her up way past her bedtime.  We arrived an hour and a half early, so we had to keep her occupied, and we did (Thank you DVD player in laptop).  She laid down for awhile, but was still really excited.  Finally it was dark, and they started.  She had on her headphones, and was holding her blankets.  Two seconds later, up goes the blanket over the eyes.  “Too bright!!”.  We thought the noise would bother her, not the brightness, but it did.  Funny thing was, she couldn’t stop talking about them afterwards, she had a great time!

The zoo was fun.  Perfect weather, and both children did great.  Brielle loved fishing, and stood outside with us in the rain for at least thirty minutes.  She was able to touch a fish, hold a minnow, and hold the fishing pole.   That day the fishing was poor, but the other few times we went out, we did well.  Posted is a picture of a 3.3 LB 19″ bass I caught the other day.

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