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Ray Boltz

September 13, 2008 70 comments

I’m very saddened to hear that Ray Boltz has come out and admitted being homosexual.  This will send waves of controversy through the Christian community.  His divorce is final.  He is performing at a church that openly supports the LGTB (Lesbian, Gay, Transexual, Bisexual) lifestyle, and is now living a “normal gay life.”

The article is easily found online, and his website states he is performing at the aforementioned church.  I will not link to the article, as it’s posted on a gay online magazine (The Washington Blade), most filters will probably block the website.  There are excerpts easily found online.

How do I feel about this?  Well, I think it’s important that he took care of it to his family and friends, but I question the wisdom of Ray coming out publicly to a magazine.  I wish he would have kept this more private.  He had some very powerful and popular gospel songs (Thank You, I Pledge Allegiance, and more).  The lifestyle he now leads is clearly spoken against in Scripture and does not mesh with his past ministry.  They are separate issues, and now one, in my opinion, has tarnished the other.  Christians should still treat Ray with love and respect, and pray for him.