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General Updates

Things are going well for the Nafziger family.  Brielle is doing great at her potty training, and hasn’t had a #2 in her diaper for a LONG time (months).  She is in underwear most of the day, and will wake up dry from her naps on a much more regular basis.  This is encouraging.  She will go to the bathroom on her own, so hopefully soon the every couple of days accidents (wetting a bit) will stop, and we can work on overnights.

Bryce has two teeth top and bottom in (4 total), and is cutting a new molar.  He’s able to say (recognizably) cracker, food, water, God, doggy, and dad.  I’m sure there are more words, but those are the ones I can think of right now.  He can sign please, more, and the most important word, touchdown!  He’s been walking like a champ, and can climb up onto things now.  (Brielle’s bed, a box a blocks, couches if he tries really hard and has a little help).  His personality is starting to show, and he’s much more interactive, but plays on his own well too.

Lael is all baby.  Our new little girl is moving a LOT now, and you can easily see her doing her gymnastics routine at all hours of the day.  We are having our (hopefully) last ultrasound tomorrow, and will be trying to get one of the new 4d high resolution ultrasounds.  These show more features of the baby, and when compared to photographs of the born baby, are an accurate representation of the final features, assuming they get a good shot!  I’m looking forward to that.

I’m not pregnant, I know my words and have all of my teeth, and can potty all by myself.  There’s not much to say other than I’m enjoying my active role as a dad/husband, church guy, and worker.

The house still hasn’t sold.  We had our first showing in months last week, but no offer.  The bedroom was too small for their daughter’s heirloom bed set.  We’re still being patient and trusting God that He’ll send along the right people in His timing.  If we haven’t sold yet, there must be a reason.

Here’s a great picture of our family.  If you’d like to send it to modeling agencies, feel free.  🙂Family Portrait

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