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Patricia Lamont 1/26/2009

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My maternal grandmother has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for years, but really began to go downhill the past year, and began to need hospice care within the last month or so.  I had seen her weeks ago, talking to her about how Jazlyn was going to be born within the month, and how I was going to bring Jazlyn to see her after she was about two weeks old, and asked if she was going to be around.  Grandma told me yes, which didn’t surprise me.  At that time, it seemed as though she could be around for a little while longer (a month or two perhaps).  She had a living will, so when she was no longer able to eat, she wouldn’t be forcefed.  This past week, she began having trouble eating, so yesterday I decided to take Jazlyn in to see her after we drove past a different home we may be interested in buying (long story…short version, the boating industry is being held hostage by the financing companies, so we won’t be able, at this point, to afford the house we thought we could).  She was sleeping when I entered her room, but opened her eyes, and I was able to spend a short amount of time with her, showing her Jazlyn, talking about what was going on  in the family, and she was able to respond to my questions, which, I found out later, wasn’t happening much lately.  I found out today that g’ma passed away early this morning, so I feel that it was a “God Thing” that I was able to see her one last time, and was able to keep my promise to bring Jazlyn to see her before she died.  How cool…  It’s the little things that make losing a family member just a little more comforting, and this was my “little thing”.  When I left and told her I loved her, she actually responded “I love you too, honey.”  She’ll be missed terribly, but I am glad her suffering is over.

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More Pictures!

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Here are some more pictures of Jazlyn.  Enjoy!

Oh what a night…

January 15, 2009 1 comment

Ah yes, we are home.  And tired.  The freshly fallen snow is beautiful.  Jazlyn had issues sleeping last night by herself.  Lael finally figured out a way that she was comfortable, and solved the problem late last night.  (ie after 3AM)  Bryce woke up crying in the middle of the night too, he has more teeth coming in, so we got him settled pretty quickly.  Soooo, we didn’t get much sleep last night.  And what’s hard is that the other kids wake up at the same general time, so we’re up when they are up.  I just kept in mind that this will all be done in a few months.  Then Jazlyn will be sleeping through the night, and we’ll be hopefully in a new home that will allow for her to be out of our room.  Our contigency plan if we aren’t moved in 3-4 months is to move Bryce and Brielle into the same room together.  By that time, hopefully they will be able to sleep well together without waking each other up to play.

Well, I’m off to get the kids around.  I need to go into work today for a short amount of time, so I need to shovel the driveway, clean off my car, take a shower, eat, and brave the roads.  Which ain’t nothing!  I gots me three kids!!  🙂

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We are going home!

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We are getting ready to head home!!

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Jazlyn Grace Nafziger

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82 Foot Buzzer Beating Basketball Shot, for the WIN!

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Jazlyn Grace Day Two

January 13, 2009 1 comment

We all had a good night’s sleep.  Jazlyn is eating well, and pooping like a champion.  Fortunately for us, she went FIVE times in THIRTY minutes for a nurse that took her out for her hearing test.  So we didn’t have to change them.  Comical.

We should be leaving tomorrow afternoon.  The weather will hopefully cooperate.   There is a blizzard watch for our area tomorrow, so I’m glad we live close to the hospital.

Brielle and Bryce came in last night to see their little sister.  Bryce didn’t seem to care.  Brielle held her for at least ten minutes, and would have held her longer if I had let her.  How cute.

Here are some pictures.  We still don’t have all of the good ones taken yesterday, but hopefully this will whet your appetite.

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Jazlyn (Jazz Lynn) Grace Nafziger is here!

January 11, 2009 3 comments

Updated 3:30PM: Jazlyn is sleeping.  Lael’s mom just got here from Ohio, drove five hours to get here.  I got a shower (ahhhh), and we ate lunch.  We’ll have to stay 48 hours, so hopefully we will be home Wednesday evening.  Jazlyn looks great, a few “stork bites”, and the typical red eyelids, but that will all fade.  She got her strep test, not sure if she’s cleared or not, it takes awhile.  She got a bath, and is all wrapped up in her new clothes and blanket.  What a cutie!  We’re so blessed…thank God for an answer to our prayers.

Update 12:41PM:  I’m proud to announce that Jazlyn Grace Nafziger was just born.  Praise God!  Crying well, 7.5 LB, 20″n669120566_5360916_3412Jazlyn GraceJazlyn and Joann669120566_5362940_5360

Update 11:55AM: Getting ready to push!!

Update 11:35AM: 9.5 CM, more pressure, little ridge, soon soon soon

Update 11:30AM: Still around 9CM.  There is a small lip they are trying to get to move by rolling Lael on her side.  Thought we were a little closer, but the doctor still thinks she’s progressing well.  She’s not on any drugs to move her contractions along, so that is great, and a first for us.

Update 10:30AM: 9CM!  100% Effaced, +1 Station  Close to pushing time

Update 10:00AM: The 2nd epidural was successful, and the pain is now ALL gone.  She’s at 7-8CM now, 0-1 Station.  So hopefully things will continue to go well.  Pray that she can have a natural birth.  It’s better for the baby (and Lael).

Update 9:35 AM: They are going to adjust the epidural to hopefully hit that hot spot. It could be related to her ovarian cyst (only arrived during pregnancy).

Update 9:15 AM: The epidural is in. They just checked her. 7cm, 0 station, and about 80% effaced. Things are moving quicker. She has a little hotspot (pain not covered by epidural), so if that doesn’t go away, they may have to do another epidural. The doc thinks it may just be pelvic stretching. A good thing.

Update 8:40AM: Lael just got out of the shower (relaxation technique, worked very well). She’s having more intense contractions, and feels as though the baby is moving downward more. She’s had some “show” which is a good sign that things are moving. She will be receiving an epidural soon. She’s still at about 5-6CM, baby is at -1 (has moved downward), and is around 60-70% effaced.

Update 7:45AM: Lael’s decided to be pre-catheterized for the epidural, so that the line is run when/if she needs it. the contractions have really kicked up a notch. She can’t talk through them.

Update 7:15: 5-6cm, and they just broke the rest of the water

Update 6:25AM: Contractions are getting more painful now. Hopefully more effective as well.

Update 5:10AM: Contractions are still coming. No big developments. Trying to rest. Most of this would have been done at home, but with the strep b positive test, we needed to come in when she started leaking. A nurse has just walked in to check Lael. Sounds like she’s at 4 cm, 75% effaced, with a forebag of water. We will have to wait for the dr to arrive to pop the bag. Ewwwww

UPDATE 1:50 in the AM: Lael is in good spirits. We’ve done some walking. Contractions are still coming steadily. Unchanged on the dilation and effacement.

UPDATE 12:10: IV line is in. We’re good to go. Hopefully getting up and walking around soon!

UPDATE: It’s Midnight. Lael’s veins are collapsing, so she’s on her 5th poke (6th now). They need to run antibiotics into her for the baby, and get her fluids running. The main vein nurse is here.

Update 11:06. Lael is leaking amniotic fluid. Her contractions are 4-6 minutes apart. We have to stay. 3 cm. 50 percent effaced

Update: 10:40. First fluid test came back inconclusive. Contractions are 5-6 minutes apart. She’s had four since hooked up to the monitor. Still not admitted.

We are going to the hospital. Lael’s been leaking fluid for most of the day, she tested positive for strep B, which means she needs an antibiotic shot IF she is in labor. We are going there just as a precaution. Will post results hopefully in a few hours.

Well, the baby isn’t due until the 23rd, however, due to some symptoms, and a professional opinion, we believe may be having the baby sometime in the next few days. Not 100% sure, but it’s possible. We have an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, and will have better information at that time. If what we think is happening IS happening, and we went to the hospital, and it’s true, they wouldn’t let us leave. So we are holding off as long as possible.

Keep checking here for updates. I’ll be blogging as things progress.n669120566_5355781_6780

The Waiting Game

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Lael had her last ultrasound yesterday.  The baby is definitely a girl, and weighs around 7 pounds.  She’s due around the 23rd of this month, so keep checking the website for the latest.  I’m planning on blogging from the hospital with updates, similar to what we did during Bryce’s surgery.

We have the house prepped.  We had to reconfigure Bryce’s room, taking out stuff we will need in the middle of the night for the new baby.  Our bedroom is a little cramped now.  The changing table is going to have to be in our living room…  Now we’re feeling the walls closing in more than ever, but if we can’t move, once she’s out of our room, we may just put Bryce and Brielle in the same room, and hope for the best.  We still don’t have an offer on our home, but there may be one couple that’s close to making one.  Just waiting, praying, and being thankful for what we have.

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Incredible Wing Suit Video- Men Gliding at 100+MPH

January 4, 2009 3 comments

This is crazy.  Guys are base jumping from cliffs wearing wingsuits, and falling/gliding/flying at over 100 miles per hour.  Incredible!

<some mild language at end of video, be aware>