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The Waiting Game

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment

Lael had her last ultrasound yesterday.  The baby is definitely a girl, and weighs around 7 pounds.  She’s due around the 23rd of this month, so keep checking the website for the latest.  I’m planning on blogging from the hospital with updates, similar to what we did during Bryce’s surgery.

We have the house prepped.  We had to reconfigure Bryce’s room, taking out stuff we will need in the middle of the night for the new baby.  Our bedroom is a little cramped now.  The changing table is going to have to be in our living room…  Now we’re feeling the walls closing in more than ever, but if we can’t move, once she’s out of our room, we may just put Bryce and Brielle in the same room, and hope for the best.  We still don’t have an offer on our home, but there may be one couple that’s close to making one.  Just waiting, praying, and being thankful for what we have.

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