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Jazlyn Grace Nafziger

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82 Foot Buzzer Beating Basketball Shot, for the WIN!

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Jazlyn Grace Day Two

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We all had a good night’s sleep.  Jazlyn is eating well, and pooping like a champion.  Fortunately for us, she went FIVE times in THIRTY minutes for a nurse that took her out for her hearing test.  So we didn’t have to change them.  Comical.

We should be leaving tomorrow afternoon.  The weather will hopefully cooperate.   There is a blizzard watch for our area tomorrow, so I’m glad we live close to the hospital.

Brielle and Bryce came in last night to see their little sister.  Bryce didn’t seem to care.  Brielle held her for at least ten minutes, and would have held her longer if I had let her.  How cute.

Here are some pictures.  We still don’t have all of the good ones taken yesterday, but hopefully this will whet your appetite.

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