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Patricia Lamont 1/26/2009

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My maternal grandmother has been battling Multiple Sclerosis for years, but really began to go downhill the past year, and began to need hospice care within the last month or so.  I had seen her weeks ago, talking to her about how Jazlyn was going to be born within the month, and how I was going to bring Jazlyn to see her after she was about two weeks old, and asked if she was going to be around.  Grandma told me yes, which didn’t surprise me.  At that time, it seemed as though she could be around for a little while longer (a month or two perhaps).  She had a living will, so when she was no longer able to eat, she wouldn’t be forcefed.  This past week, she began having trouble eating, so yesterday I decided to take Jazlyn in to see her after we drove past a different home we may be interested in buying (long story…short version, the boating industry is being held hostage by the financing companies, so we won’t be able, at this point, to afford the house we thought we could).  She was sleeping when I entered her room, but opened her eyes, and I was able to spend a short amount of time with her, showing her Jazlyn, talking about what was going on  in the family, and she was able to respond to my questions, which, I found out later, wasn’t happening much lately.  I found out today that g’ma passed away early this morning, so I feel that it was a “God Thing” that I was able to see her one last time, and was able to keep my promise to bring Jazlyn to see her before she died.  How cool…  It’s the little things that make losing a family member just a little more comforting, and this was my “little thing”.  When I left and told her I loved her, she actually responded “I love you too, honey.”  She’ll be missed terribly, but I am glad her suffering is over.

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