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Windows 7…Wow

I took the plunge and downloaded and installed the newest version of windows. Called windows 7, and slated to be released this summer, Windows 7 seems to fix a few of the issues surrounding Vista. In the afternoon that I’ve had it working, I’ve noticed a few key things. RAM usage seems to be much less than in Vista running on the same machine. 7 is a fresh install, but the amount that I’m saving in overhead (300-500Mb) leads me to believe it’s not due to the clean install, but rather better memory management. I have not had it crash yet. I tend to have desktop window manager crash on Vista once a day now, so I’m pleased. The new taskbar is awesome! Much easier to get around than in XP and Vista. However, I think Leopard still has the edge. Overall, the first impression is a good one. I’ll be trying to get all my daily use software installed on it, so I’ll have a better idea of whether or not I’ll kick Vista off the machine when 7 is officially released.

  1. Jonathan
    February 10, 2009 at 7:51 am

    Keep us posted on the Windows 7 developments. We are looking to get a new laptop soon and I would rather wait until Windows 7 is out, if it is that much better than Vista.

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