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Cadbury Egg Destruction Videos Day (Rube Goldberg/Mousetrap Massacre)

March 24, 2009 3 comments

In honor of the upcoming Easter holiday, and in honor of one of my wife’s favorite candies, I now present two incredible (edible) videos.  The first is a slow motion mousetrap Cadbury Egg massacre.  The second is an incredible Rube Goldberg experiment.  8000 steps to destroy a Cadbury Egg.  VERY cool.  Enjoy, these are delicious treats for your eyes.

We are Moving!

March 16, 2009 1 comment

We just sold our house!  We will be moving into the one we really wanted, and have a closing date of April 16th.

We have a like new washer and dryer, and entertainment center for sale if anyone is interested.  We are really excited!  It’s hard to move during a recession with so much anxiety about the future and jobs, but we know God is in control, and things really worked out well.  We have a LOT of packing to do!  I can’t believe the wait is over.

Here are some pics from our new house.

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Someone Wants to Buy Our House

March 16, 2009 Leave a comment

Someone made an offer on our house.  We’re meeting with our realtor in about 45 minutes to go over it, and the details.  No price yet, but we’ll see.

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New Pixar UP Movie Trailer

March 13, 2009 Leave a comment

This movie looks interesting.  Pixar does a good job, everytime!

One of The Most Amazing Music Videos I’ve Ever Seen

March 13, 2009 Leave a comment

A guy took a bunch of Youtube home video type music clips, edited them together, and made a killer music video.  Starts out slow, but give it a chance.  It is reeeallly cool.

Flashlight Fishing In Brazil- Viral Video

March 10, 2009 Leave a comment

This is hilarious!  Fish are jumping into their boat at night.

Obama Reverses Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

March 9, 2009 1 comment

I will preface this opinion piece by saying I am NOT a scientist.  I don’t claim to have all of the information on stem cell research memorized.  However, I do grasp the basic principles.  Here is a quick definition pulled from the government’s website

Embryonic stem cells, as their name suggests, are derived from embryos. Specifically, embryonic stem cells are derived from embryos that develop from eggs that have been fertilized in vitro—in an in vitro fertilization clinic—and then donated for research purposes with informed consent of the donors. They are not derived from eggs fertilized in a woman’s body. The embryos from which human embryonic stem cells are derived are typically four or five days old and are a hollow microscopic ball of cells called the blastocyst. The blastocyst includes three structures: the trophoblast, which is the layer of cells that surrounds the blastocyst; the blastocoel, which is the hollow cavity inside the blastocyst; and the inner cell mass, which is a group of approximately 30 cells at one end of the blastocoel.”

I believe that President Obama’s reversal of the embryonic stem cell research ban is wrong, and here’s why.

Destroying a fertilized embryo to create stem cells, and use them for research, is unethical, just like destroying an embryo while trying to clone would be.  They are destroying life, or at the very LEAST, the first stages of what leads to life. If cloning is wrong, why isn’t embryonic stem cell research.  The ultimate conclusion of embryonic stem cell research would be to grow a complete human, allowing all organs to be harvested, negating the need for organ donors.  Or would they only grow lungs, arms, skin, etc from these stem cells.

I’m a little miffed about the fact that as promising as adult stem cell research has been, that the administration feels the need to allow such a controversial procedure to be done, in light of the gains that have been made in using non-embryonic cells.  Who knows, in another 4 years, perhaps existing, and ethical, stem cell research would have gotten to the point that using embryos wouldn’t be necessary.


The Winter Blues

winterWe are so ready for winter to be over.  It’s been a long, cold, and snowy one this year.  I’ve gained around 7 pounds of weight, and have been very inactive.  Bleah.  Hopefully things will warm up soon.  Work is still really slow.  Thanks to the credit crunch, dealers are still having trouble getting financing for their boat orders.  The future is very dim right now.  Nothing is breaking loose like we hoped it would after the inaguration.  Honestly, things have gotten worse in the economy since then, not better, and the spendthrifts in Congress are only hurting us all long term by driving the national debt to unsustainable and possibly insolvent levels.  The level of angst in our area has been especially high.  More boat companies have laid of worker, more RV companies as well, and our suppliers are even working part time.  I’ve had two weeks of layoff time since January, and am still fighting to get unemployment for one of those weeks.  I’m thankful for it, but wish it wasn’t so complicated to get.  And the government wants to run the health care system as well?  Not a good idea…

Our house still hasn’t sold.  We haven’t had many showings the last few weeks.  This is a good thing, since we’re still not sure what we want to buy since the layoffs/company wide salary cuts.  So that’s a blessing in disguise for right now.  God may be protecting us from getting into something too inflated in price.  We do need to move though, our house is too small.

We need warm weather, the ability to go out and enjoy it, and I think the winter blues will pass.