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Busy Weekend!

April 26, 2009 Leave a comment

What a warm weekend we had here in Northern Indiana.  Over 80 degrees both yesterday and today, with just a few sprinkles yesterday.  Very windy, but it was a warm wind.

Went fishing in the pond near our house yesterday and caught one decent sized largemouth bass.  Lost two others, but that was all the action we had.  Not sure if the pond isn’t stocked well, or if it was too windy, or if the fish just weren’t biting.  I’ll try again soon.  It’s across the street and about 6 lots down from us, so it’s easy to get to, to say the least.

We had a lot of visitors this weekend.  We had a good time, we are wiped out, but it was all worth it.  Brandon leaves for Air Force bootcamp on Tuesday, so we were able to spend time with him a lot more than usual this weekend.  Michelle will have it a lot harder than Lael and I did when we were apart during the summer.  He won’t have any communication other than letters and an occasional phone call.  At least we had the internet!

The kids had fun this weekend playing outside, going garage saling (sp?), and seeing family.  All three of them have done well during the transition.  Tomorrow starts a new work week.  Pray for good weather and good boat sales!

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We Are In!!

April 16, 2009 Leave a comment

We have all of our belongings now in our new home.  They aren’t all where they are supposed to be quite yet, but hopefully soon.  Thanks to all who helped!  The laptop is about to die, I gotta get this posted and go to bed.  More soon!

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Four Days

April 12, 2009 Leave a comment

We are cleared to close on the house.  We will be moving out of ours on Wednesday, closing on the new house on Thursday morning, and falling asleep absolutely exhausted in our new home Thursday night.

We are excited, and are looking forward to having the move behind us.

We had a great day today.  Church was nice, and we all had a fun time with food, family, and more food.  We got to meet Brandon’s family (Michelle’s fiance), which was nice.

Yesterday my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, Brielle, and myself all went fishing at my uncle’s property.  It was freezing in the morning with a constant wind, so we left and came back early afternoon.  I caught nothing, Brielle (with Dave’s help) caught around 7 fish.  I was humbled.  I was the only one who didn’t catch a fish.  I had a catfish on the line, and lost it.  But I usually do well there, so I don’t feel too badly.

More after we move!

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Pictures of the OUTSIDE of our new home

April 5, 2009 2 comments

A friend pointed out the fact that we haven’t posted any pictures of the outside of our new home.  Oops!  Sorry for the oversight!

Blog Update- It’s Been Over One Year

April 5, 2009 1 comment

It’s been a little over a year since we’ve started this blog.  A few highlights.

We have had almost 76,000 hits in the past year.  That is a little over 200 hits per day, average.  Lately we hover between 75 and 200, with a few big days (Bryce’s surgery, Jazlyn’s birth) with over 2k hits.  It’s been fun!  The most popular posts, traffic wise, have been the one about demotivational posters and the Ray Boltz controversy.  Notable additions to the blog have been my Twitters (new today, check it out on the sidebar, they are micro blog posts), and the Flickr widget.  We’ve made such big announcements as Bryce’s surgery, our new pregnancy, Jazlyn’s birth, our move, and have posted pictures and videos of our family.  The internet has made this possible, and I love the fact that our out-of-town friends and family have this as a little source of information on what’s going on in our lives.

In less than two weeks we will be in our new house, and will probably not have any huge news to share, however, I’ll be keeping the blog up to date as best as possible.  I will try to post more pictures and videos.  I have to pay for storage, and it’s expired, so whenever I feel like dropping some money to WordPress, I’ll do that and will have the ability to add more music, videos, and pictures.  (Donations anyone?  🙂

Keep on reading!  It’s been a pleasure sharing our lives with you all.

Joel and Lael

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