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Has it been nearly a month??

Wow faithful readers, I apologize for my tardiness on posting any updates.  It’s been almost a month, and it’s been crazy ’round these parts.

One of the guys here at work resigned, so I had to take over his job, plus do my own.  There has been overtime, no fun during the beautiful spring.  It’s nice coming home to a new house though, so that’s a blessing.  The marine industry is still in dire straights.  The 2nd largest boat builder in the US filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection the other day, so that is going to have a ripple effect throughout the industry.  It’s looking very bleak for the fall/winter, so if anyone knows of any jobs around here…let me know!  Contingency planning never hurt anyone.

The kids are doing well.  Nothing major to report.  Lael is enjoying being closer to friends now, so she has kept busy.  All in all, things are going well.  Busy, still a lot of the unknown, but God has always provided, and we’re looking forward to the future!

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