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Is This Why I Love Music So Much?

May 4, 2009 1 comment

Is this why I can’t stand the silence?  Lyrics from a new Jars of Clay song…It’s really moving.  Great melodies, great message.  The video is under the lyrics.

I don’t have to hear it
If I don’t want to
I can drown this out
Pull the curtains down on you
It’s a heavy world
It’s too much for me to care
If I close my eyes
It’s not there

With my headphones on (x4)

We watch television
But the sound is something else
Just a song played against the drama
So the hurt is never felt
I take in the war fires
And I’m chilled by the current events
It’s so hopeless
But there’s a pop song in my head

phones on
With my headphones on (x7)

At the tube stop
You sit down across from me
I think I know you
By the sad eyes that I see
And I wanna tell you
Everything will be ok
But you wouldn’t hear it
So we go our separate ways

with our headphones on

I don’t wanna be the one who
Tries to figure it out
I don’t need another reason
I should care about you
You don’t wanna know my story
You don’t wanna own my pain
We’re living in a heavy, heavy world
And there’s a pop song in my head
yeah there’s a pop song in my head

Yeah it’s a heavy world
Oh no, I don’t wanna have to hear it
Heavy world

No, I don’t wanna have to hear it (x3)

The Federal Government is Bankrupt

February 15, 2009 1 comment

This is not simple doom and gloom reporting.  This is the truth.  The Federal Government’s future obligations total 65.5 trillion dollars, which is higher than the WHOLE EARTH’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).  Scary?  Yes. Our Money Will Be Worth in the Future

Song of the Day- I Am by Markus Schulz

July 28, 2008 1 comment

Markus Schulz is one of my favorite DJs.  His music is high energy, and ebbs and flows quite well.  People that typically hate progressive dance music because of its repetitive nature may enjoy this.  Or you may just think, “wow, that’s music?”  Yes, yes it is.  It makes for good background music for driving, mowing, and definitely working out.

I Am- Markus Schulz

DeMotivational Posters

Ever seen those motivational posters that are up in businesses, schools, and places like that? Someone with a twisted sense of humor has come up with demotivational posters.

Here is the site:

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Song of the Day- Black Cat by Ladytron

June 10, 2008 1 comment

This is a brand new song by a group called Ladytron. They are a modern throwback to early 80’s synth rock. What I like about this song is that it’s sung in Bulgarian. The translation is pretty boring, but it’s such a different sound that I think it’s pretty original. Plus the Bulgarian has such a guttural and harsh sound to it, it really matches the heavy drum sounds.

Black Cat- Ladytron

Song of the Day- All My Tears by Jars Of Clay

May 19, 2008 1 comment

This is basically a modern day hymn. I really like it, it’s a little country, a little gospel with cool rhymes, harmonies, and piano work. This is from their album Good Monsters. Enjoy!

All My Tears- Jars of Clay

Song of the Day- Violet Hill by Coldplay

April 30, 2008 1 comment

Coldplay has a new album coming out June 16th. This is their free single, Violet Hill. It’s very different than their previous work, I really like it. Apparently, it was produced by Brian Eno, the man behind some of U2s great albums, and an electronic music wizard. The song really doesn’t get going until a bit into it, but when it does, it’s got a great groove.  The lyrics are a bit “eh”, and ambiguous, and Chris’s vocals sound weak and wobbly as usual, but for whatever reason, I just DIG the music.

Coldplay- Violet Hill

Song of the Day- Runaway by Manafest

April 9, 2008 3 comments

Runaway- Manafest

This song is by a Christian hip-hop artist I’ve seen in concert and talked to. Really nice guy, married, has had a tough life, not gang life, just real life. This is a great song about a modern day prodigal son. I don’t listen to a lot of rap anymore, but I like his stuff. Click on the link above to listen.  Here are the lyrics;

It’s funny I never thought that I’d be homeless
I used to walk by them, now I’m living on the corners
Stretching for a touch of a hand, a dollar bill or a chance
Give me your sandwich bag, man I’ll do anything
With thoughts of desperation my hearts racing
I’m not star gazing I could die of starvation
Hallucinated from the day’s wasted
Lost track of time while my mind aging
People looking at me like a lost patient
Like I’m already dead why they all hating
Did I choose this life, or life choose me
I ran away at sweet 16 mommy do you miss me, this is Chrissy

So I run, and I run, and I ran and I ran praying maybe some day we meet again
Cause It hurts when you hurt, and I hurt and I feel, like I’m healed can we all just make amends
I run and I run and I run, and I run

Good bye to the world, good bye to my girl
Say hello to my home the street corner
Its absurd every word that was spoken
It must come alive cause my life is still broken
Wondering did I miss it, what mistake did I make? Can I fix it?
These streets have gone ballistic
This isn’t what I thought it would be, where’s daddy
Is he still mad at me, I wonder would he have me
Back in the home, back in the zone, back where I can’t eat
Where’s there’s heat and use a phone
Cause it hurts and I know I never said good bye
I ran away I thought like anything I could fly

Mom and dad are you there, are you listening
I want to come home, but scared of the mess I’m in
Please forgive me of the things I committed
Against you against me, our family tree
And I know we haven’t spoke in so long, I was so wrong
To think I could live on, on my own accord
I’m a take the train home, but I need to know
If you’ll welcome me back through your life’s door?
Show me a sign with a red ribbon, hang one on the side of the train building
And if I see it than I’ll know that your still willing,
And if not I won’t ever call or visit
I’ll pretend that I’m re-living the beginning,
Like when we used talk in the kitchen, without all the fights & friction
This is me wishing, one of your ex children
Picturing praying that you got the same feelings,
I’m running

Song of the Day…Plus Nice YouTube Trick

This is a cool song that goes well with my post late last night. Called You are Mine, it’s by a mainstream band made up of Christians. Their songs have a lot of double meaning. I like to think that this is about God. Here is the song.

You Are Mine- Mute Math

Here are the lyrics…

Everyone has their obsession
consuming thoughts
consuming time
they hold high their prized possession
it defines the meaning of their life

You are mine

They’re our objects of affection
that can mesmerize the soul
there is always one addiction
that just can not be controlled

You are mine

I love this band! They have some really groovy rhythms, and incorporate some electronic sounds into the album. Their live show is awesome! Here’s a vid…

Sick of the crummy quality of YouTube videos? Just add this text (minus the quotes) to the end of a YouTube URL (link), and if a higher res video is available, it will play. There is a NOTICEABLE difference. The text is “&fmt=18”

Monday Songs of the Day

Today is a day of celebration.  As such, I have some happy songs today.

The first song is a dance song by the artist Kaskade.  Very melodic chorus.  Called “Be Still”, it’s all about love baby.

The second song is a Good Charlotte song called “Beautiful Place”.  Even though our hearts aren’t as dark as the rain today…it’s still a cool song.

And just cuz it’s such an awesome day, the third song is called “Everything is Beautiful” byStarfield the modern rock worship band Starfield.

Be Still

Beautiful Place

Everything is Beautiful

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