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New Itunes/Iphone Genius Playlist Feature and 2.1 Iphone Software

September 12, 2008 3 comments

I love Itunes’s new smart playlist feature!  I pick a song, select the Genius playlist feature, and it picks 25 songs from my library that are similar.  It’s pretty slick, and not only that, but Apple has integrated this feature into the Iphone, totally independent of Itunes, so it works on the fly.  It’s MUCH easier and faster than creating an On-the-Go playlist, and is more random than just picking genres.

I’m obviously running Itunes 8 and Iphone software 2.1, since that’s the only way to get Genius running.  I like the new firmware.  Backups and Syncing are now WAY faster, and my contacts list isn’t as laggy any longer.  I don’t know if my apps will still occasionally crash, I’ll have to give it a week or so of use to see if that problem has been resolved.  One HUGE increase in performance is how quickly the apps download and install.  It’s significantly faster.  I tested two apps, they were small, but I have never had apps install so quickly.  I’m also hoping to see the battery life increase that Apple is touting in their 2.1 feature release.  If you haven’t upgraded Itunes and your Iphone software, Genius gives you a good reason too, in my opinion.