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What We Didn’t Know About the Birth Control Pill

April 5, 2008 5 comments

Lael and I got married while we were in college, and her doctor prescribed the birth control pill for her, since obviously, having a baby during college for two full time students would be a difficult experience, to say the least. Lael was told that the pill was hormonal and would keep her from ovulating. This is all true…mostly. Recently a family member was kind enough to respond to my post about the male birth control pill, which got me thinking, and doing a little research. During my research (thank you Google), I found NUMEROUS sites, pro-life and pro-choice, that showed that the modern birth control pill in ALL its variations is what is called an abortifacient, which means that in some cases, the body will abort a fertilized egg. How can that happen when the pill is supposed to prevent ovulation? A phenomenon called breakthrough ovulation. Sometimes an egg will get released. The older pills had more hormones, so this didn’t happen as often, but now, since the pill has less hormones to keep side effects low, breakthroughs happen more often. The stats are low, 4-10% of the cycles will end up releasing an egg, depending on what you read. So basically, that egg may get released, and then fertilized. Why won’t a woman then get pregnant?

Because another reason the pill works is because it causes the womb to be inhospitable for eggs to attach to the uterine wall. This means, obviously, that the possibly fertilized and now growing zygote (read:tiny embryo) will pass from the body and die.

This was news to us. I guess I never really thought about it, somewhere along the lines, I may have heard a rumor or something, but never took the time to read up on it, thinking “They would tell us, the church would tell us, someone would make a big deal about this!!”. But that never happened. We aren’t on the pill anymore, because we are VERY pro-life, and believe that life begins at conception, and that life is sacred. We prayed for forgiveness, and are moving on. But we wanted to let you all know what was possible. The odds are low, but we’ve been married for a long time…so there is a possibility we lost a child, and that is not a good feeling. However, we rest easy in the fact that we now know, and are doing what we believe is right. I encourage you to do some research on the pill if you are curious.

Here are some links to read if you’re interested, these may be inappropriate for children and teens due to the subject matter linked to on the sites.

Pro Life Site

Randy Alcorn (Christian Author) did a lot of research on this and has written about it. Here is a summary.

Some pro-abortion advocates believe that a woman isn’t actually pregnant until the fertilized egg attaches to the womb. Here is a pro-life response to that.

Here, the Mayo-Clinic states you can use several birth control pills at once as an emergency contraception (ie morning after pill).

This is the manufacturer’s site for one of the major pills. In the product info sheet, the three ways that the pill is said to work is inhibiting ovulation, changing cervical mucus to inhibit sperm from entering the womb, and changing the endometrium to reduce the likelihood of implantation (why prevent against implantation if it’s not possible??)