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Sunday Update

March 30, 2008 1 comment

Church went really well this morning. One of the most powerful new worship songs out there (if done right) is “Mighty To Save”. I love playing drums to that one probably as much as “How Great is Our God”, if not more. The congregation really entered in, and it was awesome. Very moving… Then three married couples shared their testimony, mine included. It was a powerful testament to God’s love and mercy, and how He brought these couples through some tough stuff, to come out of it stronger, and closer to each other and Him as well. It was a reminder that no matter what we go through in our marriage, that if we seek God, and work at it, it will all work out to His glory.

Poor Lael decided to make some egg salad for lunch yesterday out of some hard boiled eggs the kids decorated last week for Easter. She had a rough evening and night, but feels better now. No details, but you can figure it out.Chill Cafe

I’ve been listening the last few days to a new(ish) album called Chill Cafe: Hiding Place. I like electronic music, and chillout lounge music, which is just basically background, easy listening relaxing stuff. This album is remixes of famous worship songs, in a nice, cafe type sound. I’d post a sample, but I got it on Itunes and can’t put those files on the site here. Check it out if you like stuff like this. There are previews on the linked site (amazon). They also have a 2nd cd as well.

And finally, the SURVEY OF THE DAY!!!!!

The color and exclamation marks are supposed to add the illusion of importance to the above statement. I hope that was clear. Anyway, there is an article online that I read today, about something I heard about a year or so ago. The birth control pill…for men. Read here. Now, here is the question, of the guys out there, what do you think about this? Leave a comment pro or con… Here’s my take. If there aren’t any hormonal side effects, and it can get my wife off the pill, and back to “normal”, then write me out a prescription. It’s totally reversible, and according to the article, it’s as effective as a vasectomy. I’m interested in feedback on this.