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Google Chrome

September 2, 2008 1 comment

I’ve done a bit of messing around with Google’s new web browser, called Chrome, that was released today.  I am a huge Firefox fan, so I have the bar set pretty high for what I want in a browser.  So far, Chrome isn’t nearly as fast to USE as Firefox, since I use a lot of gestures allowed by the Firefox addon FireGestures, but Chrome seems faster to VIEW and surf the internet.  Google’s apps load significantly faster.  GMAIL, and Google Docs are very responsive.  I have ran into a few bugs, for example, the Java weather radar loop on the NOAA’s website doesn’t work, and some pages seem to load slower than usual, but overall, I could get used to it.  I like the clean look, the “web” app shortcuts you can post to your start menu or desktop, and the memory management/task manager features.  The biggest issue I have right now is that there are no gesture based plug-ins available.  I hope these arrive soon, because even if I can load pages faster, if I can’t switch tabs and move around without mouse based gestures, the time saved rendering pages is lost.

Download the beta for Google’s new browser HERE.