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June 6, 2008 1 comment

No beating around the bush today.

1) Lael is pregnant. No foolin’. Due January 25th. To be honest, it was about 6 months earlier than we had “planned” on, but in the long term, it’ll be great. We wanted to wait until Bryce was healed, so that worked out well…and this news segues into the next.

2) We listed our house yesterday, we are officially moving. We need to find another house. A bigger house. We found a great one, but unfortunately someone else made an offer on it. However, the listing agent isn’t totally convinced it will go through, so we still have a chance. If that one doesn’t work, we don’t have a backup one yet, but I’m sure we’ll find something, hopefully something nice in our price range. The one we found would be perfect for us.  [UPDATE:  We made an offer on the house we liked tonight, please pray that it goes through.  It would be a good deal if it does!  Now we just need to sell ours…]

So in summary, big changes are on the horizon for our family. Please pray for Lael’s pregnancy to go well, our home to sell quickly and at a fair price, and that we will be able to find the house God wants us in, and that everything would go smoothly and in good timing.

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