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Video of Bryce’s Surgery

This is a 10 minute video of our trip to Indy. It has pre and post op video, as well as a slide show of pictures. We just wanted to share what we had chronicled with all of you as a thank you for your prayers and support.

Bryce- Recovery Day Four- 8:15 PM

April 21, 2008 3 comments

8:15 PM: Just returned from dinner. YUM! We at at the canal area in Indy, and got to walk and talk for awhile. It was really nice! Thanks Manbecks!! I added some pics to the gallery below.  Sorry they are sideways, my Iphone did that for some reason.

4:30 PM: We just had a surprise visit from our surgeon, and a visiting heart surgeon. They listened to Bryce’s heart. Both said it sounded normal, far better than his grade four murmur. Dr. Brown just told this guy he didn’t have to work on the aortic valve, and then they were gone. In and out in no time, no chit-chat, all business. It’s a little intimidating to be honest. These are guys at the top of their field. Like the general walking in to the mess hall with all the infantry. We both jumped up and almost saluted the guy. He mentioned that they are just waiting for the chest drainage tubes to dry up a little more, then we’ll start the process of getting out of here. Probably another one to two days. We also got some free toys today! Riley and all the supporting charities are great, we haven’t asked for anything to speak of, things and support staff just show up. We’re going down to the canal area in Indy for dinner. Sounds like fun!

3:30 PM: Lael and I went outside for lunch. We walked around campus. There are three hospitals that we found, and IUPUI. We went to the Barnes and Nobles on campus, that was fun. It’s so nice outside. Once again, we wish Brielle was here to play with, but that’s okay. Bryce had his bandages changed, and has been really happy this afternoon. He’s ready for more sleep though. They are giving him some more calcium because he was a tad under their baseline. Nothing major at all. Still waiting for the chest tubes to come out. I’ve been able to keep up on emails from work, but that’s about it. I’ve watched almost two complete seasons of an older comedy called NewsRadio, and Lael has read a lot. We are seeing some friends of ours tonight, they are bringing a picnic dinner. We’re looking forward to that.

11:15 AM: Bryce is awake and babbling. Still no direction or news on his progress, he’s just healing up. He slept a lot this morning. I think Lael and I are getting a little stir crazy.

9:15 AM: Lael is watching Regis and Kelley. I guess Regis was in South Bend for some IUSB all night dance thing. He was talking about Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, he had a picture with Mishawaka Mayor Jeff Rea, and talked about Notre Dame. Pretty cool to hear about home. And no, we didn’t feel the aftershock earthquake last night.

8:15 AM: He’s laying in bed and talking now, no longer fussy. It’s funny, he knocks his pacifier and a little yellow ring together and makes noise, then looks up at me as if to say “Cool huh? Look what I did!” Then he points the yellow ring at me. What a cute boy. I can’t wait to get home with the whole family. I dreamed about Brielle last night. Here are some older pictures I thought you all might enjoy. They are of Bryce and Brielle in Brielle’s Christmas presents from G’pa and G’ma Hicks.

7:45 AM: Bryce had a good night, although he sounds like he’s losing his voice. He’s a little fussy right now, we’re not sure why. The nurse thinks they probably won’t take the tubes out today, which means the soonest we would be able to leave is Wednesday. Please pray we can leave earlier. I have work that I have to do this week, and they have certain internet applications blocked here, and one of them is the way I can get onto the network up north. I can do emails, but that’s it. Right now it’s just a waiting game. We can’t leave until his chest cavity looks good. Lael just said she thinks he might be cutting a tooth. Hmmmm…could be!

Bryce- Recovery Day Three- 10:00 PM

April 20, 2008 2 comments

10:00 PM: Bryce is out of his bed, and eating from what I like to call McMommy’s.  He looks very content, and is eating the most he’s had all day, and other than his first feeding after his surgery fast, the largest meal on this trip.  This is great news!  More tomorrow.  We all need our sleep.

7:00 PM: Well, this is going to be called the poop blog now. Bryce pooped for the 3rd time today. I felt sorry for the nurse. Three poops in one shift. Haha!

The toughest thing to deal with is sleepiness, missing Brielle, and boredom. There’s only so much you can do when he’s sleeping, and with having so much interrupted sleep, it’s tough to be well rested. It’s totally worth it though. He’s lying in bed right now, grabbing his feet, and talking. There are some people here that are on day 33. I couldn’t imagine. It’s probably the heart transplant patient we heard was staying in a room down the hall. As difficult as being gone from Brielle, our home, and work for a week will be, this is nothing compared to what some families need to deal with, and for that I’m grateful.

6:30 PM: Bryce just had poopy #2 for the day. It was a decent amount, so it looks like the constipation is behind us. WHEW. Gross huh?

4:30 PM: Just got back from a very nice lunch with Lael’s Aunt and Uncle. It was great getting out of the hospital. We talked about a lot of not-hospital stuff too, so it got our minds off of the situation, which is going really well. We got back and Bryce was sleeping, he woke up, and I got to play with him for awhile. He’s in a good mood, not eating much, but having fun with his toys.

1:15 PM: I’m in the process of adding videos and more pictures. Here is the video page.

12:30 PM: The arterial line is out! He had been messing with it before, so they had to put the arm cover over his arm, so that is off now, as is his splint. It took a few minutes of pressure to keep it from bleeding. It was funny, at one point, we thought it was good, and the nurse lifted the gauze a little, and SQUIRT, hello blood. He’s good to go now though. He’s happy to hold stuff again. Also, we have uploaded more pics! You can find some here on this site under the Pics from Indy page, or here at our Flickr page.

10:30 AM: Bryce seems hungrier now that he’s pooped. He is eating again. No lines have been removed yet. Mom and dad are here now. Lael’s aunt and uncle will be here this afternoon to visit, and take us out for lunch. We’re looking forward to that. We asked the Dr. about a timeframe today. We’ll probably be here for at least a few more days. I’m expecting to be traveling back Tuesday or Wednesday. We hope sooner!

8:15 AM: We just had a poop. Filled his diaper and spilled out a bit. I’ve never been so happy to see poo in my entire life. It was wet too, which was nice. Not all pasty and clay-like. Goal achieved in under an hour!

8:00 AM: A doctor was just in here, saying that today the goal is poo. She also had some great news. We should be able to hold him today! They will be taking out his arterial line, which will allow us to handle him more. We won’t be able to pick him up under his arms for six to eight weeks. This is going to be TOUGH. He will be able to roll around and be in his excer-saucer, but getting him out of the saucer is going to be hard. He just ate almost four ounces of milk, and is talking a little.

4:15 AM: Bryce’s next checkup went really well. He fussed a little bit (five seconds) when the nurse picked him up out of bed and weighed him, but other than that, he was silent during all the moving and prodding. She mentioned again how calm he is! I didn’t know what to say to her about that, other than he’s usually rolling around, bouncing in his excer-saucer, and isn’t typically laid back. So he’s being a good boy. I still think it’s the peace of God. We’re going to try to feed him again. It’s been since 10 PM or so. He ate almost three full ounces then. Lael just asked him if he wanted to eat, and he started wiggling and making noise, his fussy/hungry noise, so we’re going to give it a shot. Lael just showed him the bottle and asked if he wanted some, and he got excited, and is eating it like a champ. He ate a little over three ounces. YES! Still needs to poo though.

I forgot to mention, mom and dad saw their (and my) dentist at their hotel yesterday. Then when we went out for dinner (the restaurant is on the same block as their hotel), we all saw him. I’ve seen him probably 50 times or more in my life, and he is always in his medical garb. To see him out in the “real world” with his family, dressed in street clothes, was odd, but was a nice little reminder of home, and that we STILL haven’t taken Brielle to see him. She was sick during the first two appointments we set up for her….

12:30 AM: Yes, it is 12:30 AM and I’m doing a post. The recliner isn’t as nice of a place to sleep as one would imagine. The nurse was just in here draining Bryce’s chest tubes, readjusting his position, and doing his stats. I didn’t even notice, and I’m two feet away. Why? Because he didn’t make any noise! She said he gave her a weird look when she drained his chest tubes (some adults say it feels strange, or even hurts), but that was about it. I hurt a small noise near the end that woke me up. She said she just gave him more Tylenol, just regular Tylenol still, as far as we know. She said he has a high tolerance for pain. Mom was commenting on this earlier, that he’s been recovering very well, and getting off his meds quickly. I don’t think that it’s necessarily that he has a high tolerance for pain, I think he just may not be in a lot of pain, period. I obviously can’t just ask him that, but he doesn’t grimace, isn’t whiny, and isn’t drugged to the point that those behaviors would be subdued. I think (know) it’s all God. We have prayed for peace and a good recovery, as have many more people as well. God answers prayer.

He’s trying to roll over now. I think he might be able to see the laptop, better call it a morning.