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The Winter Blues

winterWe are so ready for winter to be over.  It’s been a long, cold, and snowy one this year.  I’ve gained around 7 pounds of weight, and have been very inactive.  Bleah.  Hopefully things will warm up soon.  Work is still really slow.  Thanks to the credit crunch, dealers are still having trouble getting financing for their boat orders.  The future is very dim right now.  Nothing is breaking loose like we hoped it would after the inaguration.  Honestly, things have gotten worse in the economy since then, not better, and the spendthrifts in Congress are only hurting us all long term by driving the national debt to unsustainable and possibly insolvent levels.  The level of angst in our area has been especially high.  More boat companies have laid of worker, more RV companies as well, and our suppliers are even working part time.  I’ve had two weeks of layoff time since January, and am still fighting to get unemployment for one of those weeks.  I’m thankful for it, but wish it wasn’t so complicated to get.  And the government wants to run the health care system as well?  Not a good idea…

Our house still hasn’t sold.  We haven’t had many showings the last few weeks.  This is a good thing, since we’re still not sure what we want to buy since the layoffs/company wide salary cuts.  So that’s a blessing in disguise for right now.  God may be protecting us from getting into something too inflated in price.  We do need to move though, our house is too small.

We need warm weather, the ability to go out and enjoy it, and I think the winter blues will pass.

It’s Been Awhile

October 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Good news, my sister had her baby this weekend.  Cooper James Carrington.  He’s a cutie, and Ryan and Sharon should be able to go home tomorrow night.  We took Brielle and Bryce to see him this morning, and Brielle held him (under mommy’s arms), and took her job very seriously.

Nothing has changed on the home sale front.  We haven’t had a showing for over two months.  The unemployment rate in our area is very high, and our town has actually been featured in national news because of the manufacturing slowdown and layoffs.  We’re hoping that after the election and the winter, that things will pick up.  We’re okay in this house for awhile, and we can make it work, but once the new baby moves out of our room, we’re not sure what we’ll do.  It’ll all work out.  Gotta trust God.

We hit 50,000 web page hits today.  Cool!

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15k Pageviews!

September 5, 2008 Leave a comment

We broke 15,000 pageviews today.  Thank you readers, and Google for linking to the site!

Just FYI, I’m planning on blogging during our third baby’s delivery, so bookmark the site, and check it out around January 23rd-28th.

Everything is going well here, just waiting to sell our house.  It’s been on the market for three months.  We’ve dropped the price around 5k, and still haven’t had a showing in the past 2-3 weeks.  With kids back at school, and a lot of manufacturing layoffs in this area, it’s possible we won’t be able to sell.  But it’s all in God’s hands, and if it’s not His will, we will have to be patient!  Work has been really stressful, with the slowdown, and a lot of pressure to lower inventory, and yet be able to build boats with a production schedule that’s about as stable as an elephant balancing on a toothpick.

The kids are growing quickly.  Bryce is one years old, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE BUDDY!  We threw him a little party.  It was fun.  Brielle is talking better and better everyday, and her potty training is going great!  The #2 stays in the potty now, so that is awesome.  She doesn’t #1 in her training pants much, but she’s not perfect yet.  Lael is getting bigger now, the baby has tested great, the ultrasound went well, she’s about 10 ounces now.  We think we have a name (a first name) picked out.  It’s different, and rare.  Hopefully people will like it!

And the big news!!!!  Notre Dame starts their season tomorrow.  WHOOHOO!  Who loves football season?  I LOVE FOOTBALL SEASON!

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