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Bryce- Recovery Day Six- 11:30 AM

April 23, 2008 Leave a comment

11:30 AM: We’ve been discharged.  All of  Bryce’s lines are out.  Praise the Lord, we’ll be leaving within hopefully an hour!

9:45 AM: Bryce just had his last x-rays, and his dressing taken off. They have put a few little strips of tape over his chest tube holes, and there is still tape over his incision. These will all fall off in about ten days. Now he just has a few IV lines, which won’t be removed until we are able to leave. We’re getting there. Hopefully they will be able to look at the x-rays quickly, put in the discharge order, and we’ll be able to go.

7:15 AM: One of Dr. Brown’s team was just in here. They will be taking Bryce downstairs to get more x-rays this morning. Typically, his x-rays have been done here in the room, with a portable machine. However, that machine only takes the x-rays from the top (Bryce’s front). They would like to get one from the front, and one from the side, to make sure everything looks good before they discharge us. The Dr. still mentioned possibly being able to leave this afternoon. Bryce will still be on the same medicines he was on the last 6 moths, but hopefully only for another month! Praise God for what the nurses and doctors say has been a quick recovery. Six days didn’t feel quick, and we would have liked to be home much sooner, but I suppose going home six days after open heart surgery is pretty amazing. We’re both itching to see Brielle and get home, and I’m itching to get caught back up at work these next two days so that I can enjoy the weekend at home with the family. We’ll have one follow up visit down here in a month, and we may have visits up in South Bend with our cardiologist just to monitor how everything looks/sounds. The picture is of a VSD. Bryce had a mal-aligned VSD, meaning it was higher up the ventral wall, and the aortic valve was closer to the hole, so much closer that the valve was actually being pulled into the hole, partially closing it off. We don’t totally understand all the details, but we don’t need to. More about our discharge as we know it!