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New Video

September 26, 2009 Leave a comment

This is a quick low resolution video of a fishing “trip” to our neighborhood pond.

New Video- Bryce and Justine

July 11, 2009 1 comment

This is a quick video I did of Bryce and his friend Justine.  I recorded it on our new Flip UltraHd camcorder, and edited it with Windows Movie Maker.  I sped up the video, added some vintage effects to it, and made it greyscale, trying to get the old silent movie look and feel to the video.  I hope you like it!

A Blast From the Past

November 15, 2008 4 comments

This is an old video me and a bunch of my youth group buddies did.  It’s a Cops Spoof.

Enjoy, and keep the comments from being too harsh.  🙂

Part One

Part Two

Video of Brielle and Bryce Playing in Leaves

November 4, 2008 Leave a comment

New Vid…

Something to take our minds off of the election.

Video of Bryce Falling Asleep While Eating

November 3, 2008 2 comments

Neither of our children have ever done this.


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Video Of Bryce

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I have a Chumby that I got for free for beta testing purposes.  I love it, and it’s easy for the kids to play with, since it has a touchscreen interface.  There is a Spongebob widget that is touch sensitive, and when you touch Spongebob’s mouth, he talks and laughs.  Bryce figured out how to make it work, and laughs up a storm when playing with it.  Here’s a short video of him manhandling the unit, but still making it work.  (The accelerometer in it must also make Spongebob do his thing).

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Wall-E Video

I’m really looking forward to figuring a way to get into a theater (it’s been awhile) to see the upcoming Pixar/Disney movie Wall-E.  I love technology, animation, and sci-fi, so this “kids” movie looks pretty cool.  Here is the latest (I think) video, showing some of the characters from the movie.  The animators did a very good job making machine act human.  Their emotions really are amazing….

Video of Bryce’s Surgery

This is a 10 minute video of our trip to Indy. It has pre and post op video, as well as a slide show of pictures. We just wanted to share what we had chronicled with all of you as a thank you for your prayers and support.

The Urban Ninja is Now an American Gladiator

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Lael and I were watching a little of American Gladiators, and they have a new gladiator named Zen that I recognized!  He’s from this incredible video I saw a year or so ago.  Someone was interested and gave him a call…  (You’ll understand what I mean at the end of the video)

Awareness Test

March 31, 2008 Leave a comment

You gotta watch this! Pay close attention to the passes the white team makes, see if you can count the correct amounts of passes. Don’t rewind to double check until you’ve watched the whole thing…no cheating!

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